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Magicblock is an open-source stack that enables anyone to build and play on-chain games.

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Enabling the future of play on the fastest runtime


Provide a seamless onboarding experience to your users with social login, wallets integration, game sessions and gas abstraction. All the tools you need in one place.


Connect you game client to the fastest, parallelizable VM with no effort. Transaction building, events streaming, smart contracts porting. Everything comes easy with our tools.


Composability standards, account compression, xNFT, deep liquidity... all available without fragmentation. Embrace the true value-add of Web3 and unleash a new level of fun and composability for your players.

Write Once, Build Everywhere

// Cross platform wallet adapter
var account = await Web3.Instance.LoginWalletAdapter();
// Create a Transfer transaction
var transaction = MakeTransferTx(account.PublicKey, destination, 1);
// Cross platform transaction signing and sending
var signature = await SignAndSendTransaction(transaction, commitment: commitment);

Unity Verified Solution Partner
Solana Unity SDK

User generated Content and Logic

Players are always hungry for content. Provide an unlimited array of fresh experiences to your users allowing them to add new assets, mods or novel game dynamics. Everyone can become Roblox building on-chain.

Persistency & Immutability

Create persistent virtual worlds that stand the test of time. Forever games can't be stopped or shut down. Rare assets, epic battles, world events and player progress are recorded and stored immutably on the blockchain, forever. You don't even need a server anymore.

Self-sustainable economies

On-Chain games enables the creation of decentralized economies that are interoperable and globally accessible by default. Embrace open trade and unlock new monetization strategies that are a value-add to your players, who knows their time and money will have greater meaning.

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